At CRISTA, “Building Leaders” is one of the guiding principles that drives the way we operate and defines who we are. The focus on leadership is seen at all levels of the organization, including our senior leaders.

The Board of Trustees provides support and governance to the entire CRISTA Ministries family. They meet tri-annually as a full group and regularly as subgroups designated to individual ministries and initiatives within CRISTA. The CRISTA Ministry Council meets on a recurring basis and is comprised of the leaders that manage the various ministries and resource departments within the organization.

  • Tim Jenkins, Chair


    Point B

  • Dorothy Kim, Vice Chair

    Ex-Starbucks Executive

  • Kevin Gabelein, Treasurer

    Managing Director

    Fluke Venture Partners, LP

  • Steve Grey, Secretary


    Stephen Grey & Associates

  • Judge Anita Crawford-Willis

    Assistant Deputy Chief Judge

    Washington State Office of Administrative Hearings

  • Dale Cowles

    Retired Executive

    Kibble & Prentice Holding Company


  • Brad Decker

    Managing Member

    Seattle Retail

  • Dorothy Echodu

    Executive Director

    Pilgrim Africa

  • Dave Ederer


    Ederer Investment Company

  • Jill Going

    Senior Director

    Point B, Inc.

  • Jennifer Graves

  • Dennis Guhlke

    Co-Owner & Director

    Salmones Aysen S.A.

  • Kent Halvorson


    Halvorson Construction

  • Lori Isbell


    Burkhart Dental Supply

  • Bob Lonac

    President & CEO

    CRISTA Ministries

  • Matt McGregor

    Executive Vice President

    Colliers International

  • Curt J. Nichols

    Retired Executive

    Intel Corporation

  • George Petrie

    Chief Executive Officer

    Goodman Real Estate

  • Dr. Bill Rishel


    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

  • Mike Skinner


    The Advisory Group

  • Randy Trettevik

    Chief Financial Officer and Principal

    Senior Services of America, LLC

  • Warren Van Genderen

    Corporate Director & Private Investor


  • Jun Young


    ZUM Communications

  • Doug Chase

    Vice President

    CRISTA Camps

  • Dave Curtiss

    Vice President

    Faith Engagement

  • Dave Eller

    Senior Vice President &

    Chief Development Officer

  • Dr. Kit Flowers

    Executive Director

    Christian Veterinary Mission

  • Randall Hashimoto

    Vice President

    Human Resources

  • Michael Kerrick


    Information Technology

  • Deb Limb

    Executive Vice President &

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Bob Lonac

    President &

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Stan Mak

    Vice President

    CRISTA Media

  • Sharon Okamoto

    Executive Director & Principal

    Seattle Urban Academy

  • Billie Pendleton

    Vice President

    CRISTA Senior Living

  • Eric Rasmussen

    Head of School

    King’s Schools

  • Kyle Roquet

    Vice President, Facilities &

    Construction Management

  • Derek Sciba

    Vice President

    Annual Programs

  • Doug Sutten

    Executive Vice President &

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Jacinta Tegman


    World Concern

  • Ben Wilson

    Vice President

    Marketing & Communications

Note: The Board Chairman for CRISTA Ministries, Tim Jenkins, served in a part-time coaching capacity for King’s Schools, a ministry of CRISTA, through the conclusion of the 2015 season. Mr. Jenkins did receive compensation in exchange for his coaching duties at King’s Junior High School.