At CRISTA, “Building Leaders” is one of the guiding principles that drives the way we operate and defines who we are. The focus on leadership is seen at all levels of the organization, including our senior leaders.

The Board of Trustees provides support and governance to the entire CRISTA Ministries family. They meet tri-annually as a full group and regularly as subgroups designated to individual ministries and initiatives within CRISTA. The CRISTA Ministry Council meets on a recurring basis and is comprised of the leaders that manage the various ministries and resource departments within the organization.

  • Randy Trettevik, Chair

    Owner & Chief Financial Officer
    Senior Services of America

  • Mike Quinn, Vice Chair

    Microsoft Corporation

  • Dennis Guhlke, Treasurer

    Salmones Aysen S.A.

  • Melissa Schober, Secretary

    Poet’s Cove Capital, LLC

  • Alejandro Alvarez

    Profit Center Leader/EVP
    DiMartino Associates

  • Angela Anderson

    Pacific Sage Partners

  • Wes Brustad


  • Brad Decker

    Managing Member
    Seattle Retail

  • Eric Garcia

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Jill Going

    Chief People Officer
    Point B

  • Dr. Keri Ingraham

    Director, American Center for Transforming Education
    Discovery Institute

  • Brennan McClurg

    First Western Properties

  • George Petrie

    Goodman Real Estate

  • Carol Seiler

    Retired Salvation Army officer, Commissioner
    Retired Nurse Practitioner, Geriatrics

  • Jacinta Tegman

    Chief Executive Officer
    CRISTA Ministries

  • Nick Archer

    World Concern

  • Stephanie Chang

    General Counsel

  • Jordan Gage

    Vice President & Head of School
    King’s Schools

  • Channah Hanberg

    Vice President
    CRISTA Media

  • Randall Hashimoto

    Vice President
    Human Resources

  • Erik Henrikson

    Executive Director
    CRISTA Camps

  • Darrel Kim

    Executive Vice President &
    Chief Operating Officer

  • Brandon Lehmeyer

    Senior Director of Operations

  • Kristine McFadden

    Vice President
    CRISTA Senior Living

  • Mike Meyers

    Chief Development Officer

  • Leslie Nordyke

    Vice President & Controller

  • Jeremy Reis

    Vice President

  • Jim Richards

    Vice President
    Information Technology

  • Laura Shoucair

    Finance Business Director

  • Greg Stark

    Vice President
    Facilities & Construction

  • Doug Sutten

    Executive Vice President &
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Jacinta Tegman

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Kelli Tolf

    Vice President
    Donor Relations

  • Ben Wilson

    Senior Vice President
    Communications & Brand

  • Jill Young