“Well done, good and faithful servant.” Stewardship is not just about giving – it is also about giving wisely.

When you make a gift to CRISTA Ministries, you’ll want to make the very most of your gift. A charitable remainder trust is one way to make sure that you maximize the value of your gift. Maybe you own stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that are highly appreciated. Perhaps you own a second home or vacant land that is worth quite a bit more than what you initially paid for the property. If so, you may want to consider placing the property in a charitable remainder trust.

Once in the trust, the asset can be sold by the trustee without incurring tax on the capital gain. The proceeds from the sale of the asset (less the costs of sale) are invested to provide a flow of income to you or your loved ones. At the end of the trust, normally upon the death of the income beneficiaries, the remaining principal is used to benefit the CRISTA family of ministries.

If you were to sell the property, a portion of the proceeds would be lost to capital gains taxes. The greater the amount of appreciation, the higher the capital gain tax liability. The higher your tax liability, the less money you have for your needs and purposes. A charitable remainder trust allows you to unleash the full potential of your gift.

For more information on making a gift through a charitable remainder trust, read below or contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 206.289.7865.


What property may be used to fund a charitable remainder trust?
Real estate

How much will my payments be?
Payment amounts will vary depending on the type of trust and the payout rate you choose. Our planned giving staff can give you a personalized illustration based on your specific circumstances.

Is there a minimum gift amount?
Yes. A charitable remainder trust ordinarily must be funded with an asset valuing at least $100,000.

Will CRISTA Ministries serve as a trustee of my charitable remainder trust?
CRISTA may serve as trustee of a charitable remainder trust when CRISTA is the named remainder beneficiary. If CRISTA is named a beneficiary along with one or more other charitable organizations, we will serve as trustee only if CRISTA’s remainder interest is at least 60%.

We would be pleased to provide you with a personalized illustration showing you how such a gift would benefit both you and CRISTA. Please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 206.289.7865.

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