“Where your heart is there your treasure will be.” A will speaks your heart for you. Through your will, you decide how your treasure will be used when you no longer need it. You have a heart for your loved ones. A will makes sure your assets go to the persons you chose. You also have a heart for the charities that have meant the most to you or your family. A will ensures that your treasure goes to the purposes you choose.

When you include a charitable bequest benefiting CRISTA Ministries, you engage not only in an act of stewardship, you also offer a living prayer to the future generations we will be able to serve through gifts like yours.

Making the gift of your lifetime to CRISTA through your will or living trust is simple to do. We have sample bequest language you can share with your attorney. We are also here to answer questions you might have or provide additional information to you. Contact CRISTA Donor Relations by email at [email protected] or by phone at 206.289.7865.

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