Host Amity Addrisi recently interviewed CRISTA CEO Jacinta Tegman on New Day Northwest about gifts with meaning this holiday season. Watch the full interview here and visit Global Gift Guide to get involved!

Holiday Giving with a Purpose

If you’re looking for a meaningful holiday gift for the giver and receiver, the Global Gift Guide offers multiple options.

“With all that’s going on in the world today and these times that we live in, I think people really want to put meaning and purpose back into their holidays and Christmas giving,” said Jacinta Tegman, CEO Crista Ministries.

By purchasing gifts through the guide, you help those in poverty around the world with sustainable solutions. Gift options include chickens, goats, a water filter, and a malaria shield for those in at-risk areas such as South Sudan, Haiti, and Bangladesh. A goat, for instance, provides half a gallon of milk a day to a family in need. A water filter prevents water-borne diseases. And a malaria shield protects families from mosquitoes.

The Global Gift Guide offers 43 different gifts, from emergency nutrition to a Bible to a well for an entire village. It’s a great opportunity to engage your family.

“Kids can get involved,” Tegman said. “Look at what’s there. They’re learning things like generosity and understanding how blessed and privileged we are here. And then, in turn, they can make a difference in the lives of people in need around the planet.”

You can choose a meaningful gift in honor of a loved one and write a note explaining the impact of that gift. Instead of a gift exchange, Tegman suggests co-workers, club members, or large families can go together to purchase gifts in the Global Gift Guide that change lives.