World Concern works in the hardest, most remote places of the world. For more than 50 years, World Concern has partnered with communities in Africa, Asia, and Haiti to bring physical and spiritual transformation through sustainable development.   

Less than a year ago, World Concern’s Senior Communications Director Cathy Herholdt began “The End of the Road” podcast so listeners can experience life in places they may never get to visit — places where World Concern works to alleviate poverty, hunger, child exploitation, and disease. Through conversations with people who live, work, and travel to these remote places, Cathy opens up the world to armchair travelers interested in other cultures and lifestyles, and anyone who longs to see God transform some of the world’s most desperate places and people.  

Season 1 brought us into experiences as divergent as life as a foreign woman in the Middle East, growing up in Africa with a heart for humanitarian work, triage during natural disasters, and fearlessly facing imprisonment and death threats. The common thread? Finding hope in Jesus Christ.  

We are excited to continue our journey with you at “The End of the Road” with Season 2. Join us for another adventure at or on your favorite podcast platform.