World Concern and USA Olympian Sarah Sponcil are partnering to transform the lives of people around the world, in the hard-to-reach places that World Concern serves.

We are looking forward to having Sarah join us in this very transformation process. She has long been involved in charitable initiatives and volunteering in her native home of Phoenix, AZ, and in the Los Angeles area where she has resided since her freshman year in college.

“I am so very pleased and excited to partner with World Concern in their journey to aid those most disenfranchised, forgotten, and exploited throughout the world. My faith led me to World Concern and their mission. I am looking forward to supporting them in their calling and giving Love and Hope to all of God’s people I meet along the way,” Sarah said.

About Sarah Sponcil

Sarah Sponcil

Sarah competed in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan becoming the second youngest American to compete in the Olympics in beach volleyball. Sarah and her teammate also became the youngest team to ever compete in the Olympics in beach volleyball. As an Olympian, Sarah believes strongly in the ideals and spirit of the Olympic movement – the blending of sport with culture and education, in pursuit of service towards the harmonious development of humankind, with a view to promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity.

Since turning professional and embarking on her quest to become an Olympian, Sarah has traveled to over 20 countries on five continents. Her travels have led her to, and through, many countries, and opened her eyes to the extreme hardships faced by so many people across the globe. Sarah has seen first-hand the poverty and hardships faced by so many people around the world. Where harmonious development of humankind and preservation of dignity are a distant hope, and the opportunities that were available to her are, at best, a pipe dream to millions. That is why World Concern and Sarah have partnered, to develop programs and initiatives to bring hope and opportunity to millions, one village at a time.

About World Concern

At World Concern, we go to the end of the road to serve people in extreme need because we have an extreme calling — to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a broken world. We follow Him to the thirsty. The hungry. Exploited. Traumatized. Forgotten. We Listen. Walk alongside. Equip and train.

We see transformation in communities as families move beyond survival. The thirsty drink clean water, the hungry have food, children learn, the enslaved are free, and the hopeless find peace with God.

Our overall approach to village transformation is holistic and addresses not only the physical needs in a community, but spiritual ones as well. We start by listening to community members. Each village identifies their greatest needs and drives the process of change. We partner with them, providing support, expertise, and practical tools – all in the power and love of Jesus.

The process is not always easy, and it’s sometimes messy. But through tried and proven methods that bring lasting change, entire villages are transformed.

Our work is never a quick fix; transformation takes time. When a community is thriving on its own and can envision its future being transformed, we know our work is finished.