CRISTA President and CEO Bob Lonac sat down with The Flourishing Culture Podcast (part of The Best Christian Workplace Institute) to talk about the importance of building trust within an organization.

In his talk, titled “How to Build Trust and Open Communications,” Bob highlights the ways CRISTA has pursued and maintained trust and communication, using these learning points:

  • There’s no substitute for knowing people and being known by them.
  • When leaders live out the organization’s values, the behaviors will trickle down.
  • Building trust to establish an open door policy
  • How to work on hearing the truth from those closest to you first
  • Developing your top leadership through the Lead Like Jesus curriculum

According to the most recent survey results of the BCWI Employee Engagement Survey, the number one strength CRISTA scored on the survey is trust, followed closely by communication.

To hear the podcast, visit the BCWI blog.