King’s Schools has spent decades transforming lives through incredible education. The King’s Schools Auction, now in it’s 33rd year, is a time to both celebrate and lift up that work through generous support.

Friday’s Auction not only served as a fundraising event for the school, but it also showcased the servant-minded staff that makes up King’s Schools and CRISTA Ministries. A technical glitch from the third-party auction handlers caused sign-in delays at the start of the night, but it created a scenario where CRISTA and King’s event staff could step in to help, serve others, and ensure supporters continued to have an encouraging night. Despite the glitch, attendees gave in record numbers and left staff saying “God is good!” even when things don’t go according to plan.

This year’s auction, with a “Night in Paris” theme, welcomed over 460 attendees from the King’s community. A highlight of the night included a special video (below) honoring the tireless work of King’s teachers, reminding the audience that “It’s never too late to thank a teacher.”

“The auction chairs and their army of volunteers did a great job transforming the Lynnwood Convention Center to a night in Paris,” said Sally Ralston, King’s Director of Marketing. “As always, the auction is the culmination of the King’s community at its best.”

Congratulations to the King’s community for making this year’s auction an incredible event.