It has been nearly 18 months since the February 14, 2015, bus accident that the King’s Schools boys’ basketball team experienced on their way back to campus after winning the district championship. Over the following three weeks an amazing story played out in front of the King’s, CRISTA and greater community. It was a story that appeared straight out of a Hollywood script, but as we know the “writing credit” belongs to Our Lord and Savior.

Late last summer we decided to capture and tell this story in a way that could reach a larger audience with this inspirational story of hope. With the help of some amazing local Christian filmmakers, “Saved for a Reason” came to life.

To our delight, our 62-minute documentary become available on August 9 to an immense audience beyond what we could have initially imagined. iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube, VUDU by Walmart, Sony Playstation, Microsoft and the Dish Network are among the major media platforms that viewed and selected the film to be made available for rent and purchase to their respective audiences. Praise the Lord!

*Proceeds benefit King’s Schools. *