CRISTA Ministries’ founder, Mike Martin, was a man of prayer. He said, “Most of us are prone to pray only for those things which we ourselves cannot solve. Right at the start the Lord began to teach us that nothing is too large or too small to bring to Him in prayer.”

We wholeheartedly follow in Mike’s footsteps at CRISTA Ministries, and we approach the work we do with faith and prayer. We want to bless you by praying for you.

How Can We Pray for You?

We care about you, and it is our privilege to pray for you.Please share your prayer request with us and know that we will be lifting it up to the Lord who is faithful and loves you beyond measure.  Update us here so we know how to continue praying for you and can rejoice with you as the Lord answers our prayers.

How you can pray for CRISTA Ministries

  • For our Big Dream: We will annually serve over 3 million people through healthy and sustainable ministries, and witness 700,000 new and growing disciples of Jesus Christ by 2025
  • Every member of the staff of CRISTA Ministries
  • Our family of ministries – King’s Schools, CRISTA Senior Living, CRISTA Media, CRISTA Camps, and World Concern