Following a successful first season, “From the Eyes of Wisdom” Season Two is now available on Purposely Podcasts and your favorite Podcast App. 

“From the Eyes of Wisdom” is a collaboration between King’s Schools, CRISTA Senior Living, and CRISTA Media. Host Sherri Lynn interviews seniors from Cristwood Park and students from King’s High School, located on the same campus in Shoreline, WA. Participants have been matched according to their interests with the goal of passing along wisdom from one generation to the next. 

The lively conversations unearth hidden stories in seniors’ lives as they share about their dreams and careers, answering questions from Sherri Lynn and the student who shares their interests. Along with King’s students, listeners will learn the steps seniors took to discover their talents, the work they put in to cultivate their abilities, the roadblocks they faced in fulfilling their dreams, and the lessons they learned along the way. 

“From the Eyes of Wisdom” will inspire you to pursue your own goals. It will give you courage to face obstacles and keep pushing through them. It will make you curious about the treasure hidden within the elders in our society. And it may just change the trajectory of your life.  

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