Fifteen DECA students from King’s Schools recently attended the International Career and Development Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Of those, two won first place and a third placed ninth in the World competition. 

King’s Schools seniors Taylor Burns and Katelyn Moy earned first place in the World DECA competition category of Project Management Sales Project.

The duo organized and ran the King’s annual Holiday Show, an event held in December where the King’s Schools and CRISTA Ministries community is invited to shop for Christmas presents. Fifty-five vendors participated, all DECA students.  

After receiving her award, Taylor Burns said, “Standing on stage in front of 18,000+ people in the Mercedes-Benz stadium was easily one of the most surreal experiences of my high school career.” 

Briana Clune took ninth place in Restaurant & Food Management, a huge accomplishment when competing against 16,000 students from throughout the world.  

“It’s an individual competition, but we all work together, practice together and improve together, thanks to our amazing parent and community member support,” Marian Morris, King’s Schools DECA Advisor, said. “We have a very strong sense of community. The benefits of DECA have been plain to see this year. Students have gained confidence in their abilities and competed on the biggest stages, thanks to their time at the International Career and Development Conference (ICDC). They’ve also picked up skills like effective communication and confidence in themselves. But the biggest thing is the professional growth. Being in DECA teaches them marketable 21st century skills that will make them more likely to succeed after graduation. DECA also serves as a cultural hub for the students where they can make friends who value continuous growth the same way they do. It gives them a different perspective in life and something to be a part of. We see all of DECA as a family.”