One of the many benefits at King’s Schools in Shoreline is being part of the CRISTA Family of Ministries, giving classes access to professionals within CRISTA who can mentor students in career development and internships. The graphic design class, one of King’s art curriculum electives, recently brought in one of the graphic designers at CRISTA Ministries to work with students in the class. 

Students were each working on their own design ideas for a new special-edition, student-made King’s T-shirt. Our branding steward for CRISTA Ministries looked at the student designs and gave them feedback on brand guidelines and standards for King’s Schools.  

“They worked on the drafting stages with T-shirt and other apparel designs for King’s,” Teacher Joe Choi said. “It was great to have a professional designer help finalize the selection of designs that translated into real design items featured on the school’s website. The students all just really enjoyed his encouraging demeanor, meek artistry, and his mustache. He celebrated their work and explained what he saw in their designs that was exciting. It was interactive, constructive, and educational.” 

Our designer worked with the students over the internet to share design tips and stories with them from his own experiences as both a young graphic designer and now a more seasoned professional. He gave light critiques of their work to provide helpful and encouraging feedback while nudging them to continue to play with their design ideas.