All I want for Christmas is . . . a goat?

For families in suffering countries, a goat might be just the gift they’re hoping for. Thanks to alternative gift catalogs like World Concern’s Global Gift Guide, life-changing gifts–purchased for friends and family members as donations made in their name–continue the spirit of generosity long after the holidays pass.

“[The Global Gift Guide] gives donors a way to give something meaningful as a gift, rather than something a loved one might not need or want. Best of all, the gifts help change the lives of people in need. It’s a win-win [situation],” said Cathy Herholdt, Communications Officer at World Concern. According to Herholdt, goats are a top seller from the gift guide because they are both affordable and make an impact on children’s lives. “Not only can they sell milk,” Herholdt said, “but when goats reproduce, the sale of a baby goat can bring enough income to pay for a year of school!” Other top gifts include chickens, pigs, wells for clean drinking water, and education gifts. “[The Global Gift Guide] is our largest fundraiser of the year,” Herholdt said. “[It provides] vital donations needed to help those we serve.”

Get started on your gift-giving today! See the World Concern Global Gift Guide here.