Solid relationships with mentors, friends, and Jesus are crucial to teens. Make these relationships possible with a gift of $67 for a day at camp. It will make all the difference.

Do you remember what it felt like to be a teenager?

Unsure of yourself. Looking for identity. Easily influenced by the friends around you. Those years spent changing from a kid to an adult are some of the hardest in life. They are crucial years … years when decisions are made that can affect the rest of a teen’s life.

Many kids who come to Island Lake or Miracle Ranch are navigating these crucial years alone. Without a parent. Without a friend. And without Jesus.

You can help change this…

When kids come to CRISTA Camps they are guaranteed three things: to be loved, to be listened to, and to hear about a God who is crazy about them. They are guaranteed the opportunity to place their feet on solid ground. They are given the chance to stand strong during this critical time—with a counselor to guide them, friends to walk alongside them, and the chance to meet Jesus for the very first time.

But for a lot of teens, coming to camp is the only chance they have to create these relationships. Without camp, they’ll continue walking alone.

You can ensure a young person has the chance to create these relationships and experience the love of Jesus. Your gift of just $67 gives one day of camp to a teen who needs his feet on a firm foundation.

These are critical years. Will you help send them on the right path?

Camp is a life-changing experience, and many more kids are just waiting for this opportunity. Your gift ensures they won’t have to walk through these crucial years alone. Please pray for this year’s campers and send your best gift today.