As the death toll from Hurricane Matthew continues to climb in Haiti, World Concern is reaching remote communities in the hardest hit areas on the southern coast with emergency supplies, like shelter materials and water filters.

World Concern Director of Disaster Response, Chris Sheach, says the damage is “apocalyptic.”

Images and stories of those affected, like Myriam, are just arriving, as internet access and electrical outages have hindered communication.

Myriam was at home with her three children when Hurricane Matthew slammed into their fragile house. The ferocity of the storm was so severe, they watched in terror as their roof peeled off and disappeared into the stormy sky. Tragically, her beloved husband died trying to keep them safe.

Reports from World Concern’s staff on the ground suggest that the aftermath and long-term impact of this disaster could be even more devastating than the 2010 earthquake. Entire communities have been lost—crops, livestock, homes—and survivors like Myriam are in great need.

Please remember Haiti in your prayers, and help keep public attention on the dire situation there by sharing information and World Concern’s response with your friends.

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